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Tai Daley, The Creator

Tai (TJ) Daley is a native of Baton Rouge, LA. she's a minister of the Gospel, film and music producer, a designer of fashion, interiors, and lifestyles. Hailing from Southern University A&M College, majoring in electrical engineering was the foundation she used to forge ahead and reach her design goals in several mediums. Starting in media at CNN in 1999 to producing her own online series CHIC IN A BAG in 2018, designing mega churches and other businesses and well as residential properties throughout the Northeast and down through the dirty South. This girl is on FIRE and didn't just start! 


In June of 1998 she established Order My Steps Worship Dance Ministry where she began to train youth throughout the city of Atlanta the essence of Worship through dance and song.  She became known as a “Worshipping Warrior” displaying the fire and fervency of God as she ministered. Tai became a part of Reach One Mission International (R.O.M.I.) and traveled to East Africa in 2000, ministering through Medical Outreach and Evangelism through song, dance, and the Word of God to the remote villages of Uganda and Kenya. Since then, she has become a board member of ROMI and attends the frequent mission trips for the past 21 years to continue the work and training. ROMI has facilitated the building of an all-girl secondary school in Homa Bay, Kenya (St. Margaret’s), farms, hospitals, small business ventures, churches, and more. Tai’s passion to see people become all that they were created to be has propelled her to take a strong stance in spreading the gospel to the nations across multiple mediums.


In 2007, Tai became the Personal Assistant to world-renown Televangelist Dr. Mike Murdock. She traveled extensively throughout the States and abroad opening his crusade meetings through Praise & Worship. In 2009, Tai alongside Order My Steps ministered at the Dream Weekend hosted by Dr. Murdock at The Wisdom Center, which aired around the globe. This gave millions an opportunity to witness the power of God through her ministry and opened the floodgates of a new dimension on the call of God upon her life and doors to the nations.

Tai has been in the ministry for 25 years proclaiming the power, love, and fire of God. She’s trained hundreds of youth and adults in worship through song, dance, drama, and the Word, and has ministered to thousands. Speaking at countless conferences, workshops and seminars over the years, she is known for creating a charged atmosphere of Worship, flowing prophetically, and teaching the unadulterated Word of God. Her passion for God’s Word and His Presence, aids her in helping to call individuals out of darkness and into His Marvelous Light. Tai cannot be contained in a box… She’s prophetic, a preacher, a teacher, an evangelist, a writer, a producer, a vocalist, an entrepreneur, a fire-starter, but above all she identifies with being a True Worshipper of the Living God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tai has written several productions and numerous songs... Some of her productions are...

“On The Real”

“Kingdom Come!”

“The Woman & The Battle for her Mind”

“The Lover”

“Chic in a Bag”

& “CHIC’s”


Her songs include...

Soul of a Woman




Are You Him?

Life Abundantly Wait ...and many more!

Stay tuned... the BEST is yet to come!

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