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CHIC'S: The Series

Season 1

Set in the heart of Hotlanta, CHIC's: The Series takes a more indepth look into the life and obstacles of the LIVE Stage Production characters. These ladies and gentlemen are close friends who have grown together through many obstacles. This platform will showcase how though each of them have their own individual challenges, they still possess traits that are needed by the next other to grow stronger. The twist and turns life throws our way can literally paralyze us or turn us into someone we never thought we’d become.

This series shows that no one has it all together and this Series is created to shatter the bags of pretense, jealousy, isolation, doubt, poor self esteem & image by showing that when we can have authentic relationships and conversations amongst & with ourselves, we can discover the power within and liberate many to BECOMING what they are meant to be. It’s time to take the limits off and get real relevant.

The episodes are authentic and relevant with Christian and non-Christian reactions just as it is in the world today. When we stop hiding and dressing up the truth, we can deal with the source of the problem and it all starts within. It's time to get real relevant. Let the healing begin...

CHIC's premiered in 2018 on our YouTube channel for a 11-episode Season 1. Be sure to subscribe for notifications.  You can also catch the episodes here on our website on the CHIC TV tab. Season 2 is coming in 2022!

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