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"CHIC In A BAG" started as Spoken Word pieces on January 21, 2014, which evolved into a Monologue Production, now onto a web-series. CHIC used here is an acronym for Completely Healed In Christ. Since we are already "healed" in Christ, it's an oxymoron for us to be stuck in a BAG...however many of us are. BAG stands for "Behaviors Against Greatness." Many great people are stuck in BAG's of procrastination, depression, poverty, denial, delusion, and so many others. This series is committed to bringing these attitudes and attributes to light in us, so we can work on removing them from our lives!

Premise for the Platform:
Often times, out of a deep desire to be validated, we have a tendency to become "Chic's in a Bag" in our relations. Whether personal, social, or career relationships...this tendency eats away at the very essence of our uniqueness and ability to be effective in most capacities as it relates to our true purpose.

This deficiency cripples us from experiencing the great gift of life, expression, and love that has been freely given to us. We are free yet bound by this prison I've come to refer to as "the bag". Just as its name connotes...this highly restrictive, contained, smothering suffocation of an existence is a trap that has robbed so many great individuals from ever experiencing the promises, dreams and aspirations that once rang so loudly in their hearts. If not dealt with...the bag can turn into a grave...where the very uniqueness and profoundness of who we are can die...never finding full expression or impacting the people who would benefit from your liberation to be the "you" you were created to be. I venture to say that cemeteries around the globe are housing many corpses which died in a bag of fear, rejection, disappointment, resentment, doubt, and countless other enemies of destiny.

Ever heard the term you are your own worst enemy? This is one the most accurate statements I've come to experience. You don't have to be! You can literally destroy the enemy in you by empowering the victor in you! By recognizing the power you posses, the purpose you carry, the Presence upon can silence the enemy of doubt, defeat, and fear for the rest of of your life. By doing this you will escape every bag that you or any other person or circumstance has placed you in. Remember you possess the power. No one can place you in the bag. You can only allow yourself to be ensnared in the bag by your decisions or lack there of. Yes! Your passive outlooks are still decisions that place you in jeopardy of finding yourself in a "bag". Make decisions deliberately! On Purpose, By Purpose, for Your Purpose...

On Purpose:
Make a conscious and deliberate decision

In Purpose:
Make decisions by the leading of the Holy Spirit...not by your feelings or emotional ups and downs.

For Your Purpose:
Make decisions that aid in the overall fulfillment of Your God-Given Purpose on Earth

The bag restricts finding fulfillment, true joy and peace with self. It fights against everything you.

This platform is primarily designed to bring to the forefront real-life issues in regards to our relationships but we will share principles that  can be translated into multiple faucets of our day to day lives.

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