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 Cleveland James

"Mr. Powerful"

A former NFL pro-ball star, Cleveland James has now taken up the mantle of being a "man of the cloth." Leaving behind a life of groupies, parties, and much drama, he is now pastoring a televised ministry alongside his wife of 15 years, Taitiana. From the natural eye, things appear near perfect in their lives and union, but with the complications of his past life, public exposure, and the ministry, the challenges are threatening to up end it all.  Though Cleveland knows and loves the Lord dearly, he finds himself struggling to get out o the "Bag of Bad Decisions," which leads to contention and turmoil in his marriage.


Cleveland has left his old life, but has his old life left him? Follow this journey to discover the twist and turns Cleveland must navigate in order to save his marriage, his family, the ministry, and ultimately his life.

Meet The Cast

 Taitiana James

"The Church Chic"

Taitiana is a Believer, committed to the things of God since her youth. She is married to the prestigious Pastor Cleveland James and ministers alongside him. Her child like faith aids her ability of not being judgmental which gives her the great qualities of approachability and openness. She sees the best in others and turns a blind eye to wrongs even when it would serve her best to open her eyes widely and exercise sound wisdom. Not your typical "First Lady," she too is successful in her purpose and very loved and looked up to by many. She managed to hold her tattered marriage together while her husband lived in the lime light of football stardom.


Taitiana has a gift to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to find the road to fulfillment of their dreams, but her habit of living in the "Bag of Pretense" could be the end of her if she refuses to get out of it.

Brian Simmons

"Mr. Playa"

On and off the court, this young man has much game. Brian Simmons is a pro-basketball player at the height of his successful career. Married to his high school sweetheart, he's managed to provide a dream lifestyle for his family and is determined to stay on top. His competitive nature doesn't stop at the game, he's determined to win at everything, even if it means in the end he could possibly lose it all.


Though he loves his wife dearly, his appetite for the ladies has not been quenched. His infidelities are almost a permanent fixture in their marriage. With a long line of "sorry's" and "promises,"things never seem to change for long. Follow the Simmons as the very foundation of heir marriage and family is tested to the max. Can Brian get out of the "Bag of Lies" or will it destroy all he's ever loved?

Saisha Simmons

"He Love's Me Chic"

Saisha is such a sweet spirit.  She's remincient of a starry eyed girl, who believed in Santa Claus until she graduated High School! Yes... she has such a purity and innocence about her that makes you just say, “awwww...” whenever you see or speak with her.  She has only loved and been with one man her whole life. Old-fashioned love is all she ever wanted and that's what she got when Brian Simmons chose her to be his wife for life... at least that's what she believes. 


Saisha is the peace maker, the designated driver, the ride or die kind of friend. She loves the thought of love and simply believes that if you give it, love will be just as easily reciprocated. She gets really off balance when her love or kindness isn’t returned so she quickly dismisses the acts and replaces them with what “she thinks” was meant by the action. If she doesn't escape the shadows of the"Bag of Delusion," it will break her heart and steal her innocence, peace, and the life she so greatly deserves.

Lynette Spencer

"The Clock-Ticking Chic"

Lynett Spencer is a high level partner at a prestigious law firm. She has spent her life thus far pursuing this status as it was always projected upon her by her parents & family. Great achievements are the norm for the Spencer family so mediocrity let alone failure was never an option. Now that she’s climbed the ladder of success, she’s starting to feel a bit lonely there. And with the added pressure of the ideal life projected upon her again by family... she's feeling the urgency to "find a man" and make the puzzle complete.


Because she doesn't have a man in her life, let alone a child, this feat is proving more challenging with each passing day. She's convinced herself that she's living in the shadows of life, peering through the window of others living the life that continues to allude her.  With the pressure from work, family, and the concept of perfection, it's driving her into an unhealthy lifestyle. Hypertension, compounded by bad personal decisions have her trapped in the rat race against the clock. If she refuses to get out of the "Bag of Anxiety" her time may just run out.

Krystal LeBlanc

"The Side Chic"

We all know one of these... the kind of chic content with waiting on the "sideline" for a chance to get in the game. Krystal is a professional dance choreographer for the  "who's who" of the entertainment world. More than just a pretty face, she has a story of own which has pushed her to only pursue the finer things in life. This pursuit is irrespective of anyone except herself and what she sees as her way to the next level in life. 


Krystal has just moved to Atlanta seeking opportunities to sink her teeth into the "new Hollywood" scene. An acting career is her new quest and since her college bestie Saisha resides in the A, this would be a smooth transition... at least that's what you would think.


Can Krystal step out of the "Bag of Selfishness" before it ruins the only relationship with someone that has truly loved her unconditionally? Or will she be blinded by the bling, the thoughts of having things and a life with a man that belongs to someone else?

Daphne Nichols

"The Bitter Chic"

Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick. Prolonged, this can turn into the dangerous root of bitterness, and that is just what has lodged itself in the heart of Daphne. A woman raised in the church and strong in the faith, she has fallen prey to its venom.


Relatively new to Atlanta, and being a ministry professional, she easily gels with Taitiana and swiftly becomes a trusted part of the church family and staff.  It soon becomes evident that all doesn't meet the eye about her. Daphne's been severely hurt and the damages oftentimes surface in her communications and interactions with others.

Bitterness is a cancer that eats away at the soul and eventually wastes a life. Though Daphne tries hard to break free of it's grasp, she struggles with letting go of past hurts and forgiving the wrongs which would enable her to move forward to brighter days. Can Daphne break free of the "Bag of Bitterness," or will it suffocate the life from her?


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