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The LIVE Stage Production

The LIVE Stage Production includes intriguing spoken word, creative dance, and some of the most soulful vocals and music you could ask for. Visual, mental, and spiritual stimulation all in one show, intended to tell detailed stories that reveal the internal attributes and attitudes which are holding so many back from reaching their highest and greatest self.

Each character from the CHIC's cast performs thought-provoking, controversial, and riveting spoken word pieces. These are uniquely designed to share their individual stories & struggles as we delve deep  into their lives.  From the outside looking in, these characters appear to have it made and living the "good life." But the words they speak expose "the bag" each of them resides in, shattering the facades and allowing the truth to shine forth. Also allowing others that may be suffering from the same pain, shame, and desolation to come to grips with their own reality and see that they are not alone. The battle is already won... step out of the bag and into your Victory.

The main goal of the LIVE Stage Production is to promote nurturing a healthy relationship with self... for a fulfilling life with others. Helping others to break free of the many bags that keep them restricted from fully expressing their purpose and callings.

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